Memo Regarding Prisoner Transfer

From: Justice For Jonathan Pollard
To: News Editor
Date: July 31, 1997
Subject: Prisoner Transfer

Dear News Editor,

We have just sent you our latest press release in response to Justice Minister Hanegbi's disingenuous attempt to sell the nation on the idea of prisoner transfer for Jonathan Pollard. The Justice Minister himself knows full well that such a proposal has no chance of succeeding in doing anything for Jonathan, but it that could gain 3 to 5 years worth of stalling time for the government. Hanegbi has been repeatedly asked in person and in writing by our attorney, by us, and by other M.K.s to cease and desist from raising the prisoner transfer issue because it is pure propaganda and is damaging to Jonathan.

It is extremely revealing both about the nature of this man and of the government that he represents, that he has totally ignored all requests that he stop beating this dead issue as if it had any viability, and he continues to flog it publicly for his and the government's own ends.

We would greatly appreciate your help in exposing the lie that this prison transfer issue represents. We would appreciate exposure in all mediums - print, voice and net.

Please help us. It is a government without honor that holds Jewish blood so cheap. The overwhelming tragedy that we bear today as Jewish blood again soaked the streets of Jerusalem was born of the same kind cynicism and dishonor that the government abounds in in its dealings with Jonathan Pollard. The lies must be stopped - for the sake of the nation.

We thank you in advance for your help and your support.

Esther & Jonathan Pollard

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