Justice Minister Seeks to Buy Time
As Pollard Court Hearing Looms Large

July 30, 1997 - News Release

Jerusalem - Justice Minister Tzachi Hanegbi again made the disingenuous proposal in Knesset today that Jonathan Pollard be transferred to Israel as a prisoner to serve out his life sentence in an Israeli prison. He referred to a new law that in theory makes prisoner transfers possible under Israeli Law. (Hanegbi is on record as saying that Pollard could then be paroled in Israel.)

This is blatant propaganda designed to buy time for the government while undermining public support for Pollard, as he prepares to take the government to court.

What the Justice Minister Did Not Say:

  1. The Americans have steadfastly refused to release Pollard to Israel under any circumstances because of their fraudulent claims that he is a security risk, and because of Israel's stubborn unwillingness to officially acknowledge responsibility for the affair.

  2. Moreover, Israel has no formal accord with the United States to effect a prisoner transfer. It would take years before such an accord can be formalized and an actual transfer processed.

  3. Israel cannot legally parole Pollard without American consent. It is criminally naive to suggest that the Americans would allow such a high profile political prisoner as Jonathan Pollard to walk out of the front door of an American prison and then right out again through the back door of an Israeli prison by way of "parole".

  4. The High Court of Justice granted the Pollard case an emergency hearing based on Pollard's poor health and the deteriorating security conditions in the prison that endanger his life.

Time is running out for Jonathan Pollard...

He does not have any more years to wait until the public discovers the Government's prisoner transfer proposal was merely self-serving propaganda.

A Government Without Honor Seeks to Return A Prisoner of Zion to Zion In Chains...

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