Pollard's Attorney Responds to A-G Rubinstein's Remarks

May 26, 1997 - The Jerusalem Post

Dear Editor,

As Jonathan Pollard's attorney I would like to offer the following comments with regard to Attorney General Rubinstein's remarks cited in the above article:

  1. Attorney General Elyakim Rubinstein's strong words of support for Jonathan Pollard spoken in Jerusalem have never been heard in Washington, where they might actually have had some value . Strong sentiments that are not supported by practical action are worthless.

  2. By his own admission, Rubinstein withdrew his support two years ago precisely at the moment that Jonathan became an Israeli citizen, and initiated a serious and purposeful fight for his freedom .

  3. Earlier "efforts" that Rubinstein claims to have been involved in were largely empty gestures designed to mollify public concern and to avoid future charges of governmental indifference to the plight of an Israeli agent.

  4. It is simply not believable that so many Prime Ministers and so many Presidents of Israel - aided by Elyakim Rubinstein - could be so inept and so ineffective that their collective efforts have failed to advance the case at all in 13 years.

  5. Has the abject failure of the combined "efforts" of all these distinguished individuals been the result of the minimal effort expended, which signaled to the Americans a lack of serious intent? Or is it the result of cold-blooded calculation?
Jonathan Pollard's petition to the Israeli High Court of Justice seeks to have this question answered definitively once and for all.

Larry Dub Esq.

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