Pollard Files Appeal To Israeli Government

May 1, 1997 - Ha'Aretz


Jonathan Pollard, serving a prison sentence for having spied on the US for Israel, has filed a High Court appeal to force the government to officially recognize his role. He has named his Israeli contacts, among other things. The attorney-general yesterday issued a denial of Pollard's claims.

Pollard appeals to High Court of Justice to force Government to admit he was an Israeli agent

Via an appeal to the High Court of Justice submitted yesterday, imprisoned spy Jonathan Pollard is attempting to force the Israeli government and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to clearly publicize the fact that Pollard was an Israeli agent of the state acting on Israel's behalf, reports HaAretz.

State Tried to Prevent Publication of Pollard Appeal

The Ministry of Defense decided yesterday that details of the Pollard appeal to the High Court of Justice may be damaging to state security and thus approached the state attorney, who requested that the Supreme Court ban the publication of the contents of the appeal, whose aim is to force Israel to publicly recognize Jonathan Pollard as an Israeli spy working on Israel's behalf; the Supreme Court judge Dorit Beinish approved the blackout, but after two newspapers, HaAretz and Yediot Aharonot, appealed the media ban, the judge rescinded the order, reports HaAretz.
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