Jonathan Pollard on "Reciprocity For Jonathan Pollard"

(As written to Rabbi Klass, Editor of The Jewish Press)

February 23, 1997

Esther and I would like to thank you for your principled and courageous editorial

Reciprocity For Jonathan Pollard

(Feb. 21, 1997). The strength of the editorial is in its utter truthfulness.

Esther and I have heard privately from many who are in a position to say so publicly, that Prime Minister Netanyahu's failure to secure my release simply is not credible. Everyone knows that the Prime Minister held all the right cards; he simply chose not to play them.

We are grateful to The Jewish Press for going on record without mincing words to let it be known that Bibi threw the game, and that there is no excuse.

We are also grateful to The Jewish Press for calling a spade a spade in the case of former prisoner of Zion, Natan Sharansky.

Both my wife and I participated in demonstrations on his behalf; and we rejoiced when he was finally freed. It has been a source of great pain to us both that M.K. Sharansky has consistently resisted all appeals for his help in resolving my tragic plight - a tragedy that impacts on all Jews everywhere.

Most of all we are grateful to The Jewish Press for publicly calling on Senator D'Amato and Senator Moynihan to become involved.

My case is not just about one man's freedom. It is about equal justice for all citizens in America, and it is about the fate and future of the Jewish Community in America. It is about whether or not Israel can secure equal treatment as an ally. These are not small issues, and

the bold intervention of Senators D'Amato and Moynihan is very welcome and sorely needed.

With regard to Senator Moynihan, I would like to go on record that, contrary to the false story printed in The Forward (a newspaper not know for its responsible handling of the Pollard case) this week,

Esther and I would welcome Senator Moynihan's help and would be grateful for his intervention


Allow me to extend via this column my personal invitation to both Senators Moynihan and D'Amato to meet with me as soon as possible. As senators, a prison visit could be arranged for them literally overnight. (And Butner is just a short commuter flight from Washington.)

Also for the record, allow me to correct other disinformation that The Forward has attempted to promulgate. Your readers should be aware that

all legal avenues to secure my freedom have been exhausted

. It is patently false for anyone to claim that they are undertaking a new legal initiative on my behalf. Even if it were not the case, not only is it immoral, but it

is also illegal for anyone to initiate legal proceedings on my behalf without my knowledge or my permission


Once again, allow me to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation to you, Rabbi Klass, and to the editors of The Jewish Press, for your ongoing, unending support, and for your dedication and devotion to the Jewish people as evidenced in the pages of The Jewish Press. Most of all, Esther and I are deeply grateful to The Jewish Press for your devotion to the truth. Thank you. And may HaShem abundantly bless your ongoing efforts on behalf of Klal Yisrael.

With deepest respect and gratitude on behalf of Esther and myself,

Jonathan Pollard

  • Email Senators Moynihan and D'Amato
  • Call or write Senators Moynihan and D'Amato

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