Knesset Member Tells Netanyahu: Bring Pollard Home

February 6, 1997 - As translated from Hebrew

To: Mr. Binyamin Netanyahu
From: Knesset Member Rechavam Ze'evi
Re: Jonathan Pollard

Mr. Prime Minister,

Allow me to suggest that the release of Jonathan Pollard from American imprisonment be included on the agenda of your upcoming meeting in Washington with the President of the United States.

Jonathan Pollard has languished in prison for some 12 years now, and both his morale and health have severely deteriorated.

Pollard worked for the security of the State of Israel, and with the full knowledge of all the relevant government officials, but from the moment he was taken prisoner,

they have forgotten him and abandoned him


In the collective history of all those imprisoned for espionage in the USA, you will not find another case where the sentence was

as harsh, as merciless, or even as vengeful

as the one meted out in the case of Jonathan Pollard.

The close relations between the USA and Israel, as well as Israel's ongoing responsiveness to so many American demands, makes it only fair and reasonable to expect the Americans to make this simple return gesture to Israel and free Pollard, so that he may be returned to his people in Israel and live his life as an Israeli citizen.

If you unequivocally insist upon this gesture from President Clinton, it can easily occur since the matter is within the President's authority to grant.

We learned in Tzahal (the army) that we do not leave a wounded comrade in the field, and here

Israel has abandoned one her son for 12 long harsh years.

I strongly encourage you to do this deed, for it is important, both morally and nationally.

With blessings,

Rechavam Ze'evi
Member of Knesset