Media Release: Pollard and the Hebron Deal - January 20, 1997

Netanyahu Promises.
Arafat Delivers.
Pollard still Rots.

On this historic date, January 20,1997, Yassir Arafat triumphantly entered the holy city of Hebron. In a victory speech, he announced that in addition to "liberating" Hebron, he has succeeded in liberating the female terrorist prisoners with blood on their hands.

Arafat announced that the women terrorists and terrorist Sheik Yassin will go free.

Mr. Netanyahu's promises to the people of Israel - promises of reciprocity and security - ring hollow in the ears of the nation.

Mr. Netanyahu's empty promises to Jonathan Pollard, and his commitment in the Government Guidelines to seek Pollard's immediate release, ring hollow in Pollard's prison cell as he learns that the murderers of Jewish Innocents will go free, but there is no end in sight for one who sacrificed his freedom to save Jewish lives.

Mr. Netanyahu take a lesson from your peace partner Arafat:

Stop Promising!
Start Delivering!