Stop the New Round of Slander and Lies About Jonathan Pollard

December 13, 1996 - Media Release

In a recent article, middle east commentator Emmanuel Winston wrote about the tragic persecution of Jonathan Pollard. He summed up the article and Pollard's last twelve years by saying "

Jonathan Pollard was this generation's test and we all failed

." Winston made his remark in regard to the brutalization of Pollard at the hands of the American Government.

In a spate of recent articles in both the Hebrew Press and mainstream Anglo Press we are now witnessing the brutalization of Jonathan Pollard by members of his own family and by the leader of a so-called support group in Israel.

When Carol Pollard and Amnon Dror talk about Jonathan in their recent interviews (Ha'aretz, Nov. 1/96 and The Toronto Star, Dec. 8/96),

they describe a man that they have not seen or spoken to in years

. Nevertheless, they describe Jonathan as being unstable, out of touch with reality, unremorseful and unrepentant.

With friends like these, who needs enemies?

Jonathan's wife, Esther, is not the only person in daily contact with him.

There are numerous people in direct telephone contact with Jonathan Pollard - eminent persons, Jewish leaders - rabbis and layman among them - who are in a position to know that what his sister and Dror are saying is

not true


Apparently this generation is now being given a second chance to redeem itself by intervening to stop this new round of slander and lies that Jonathan Pollard is being subjected to.

We pray that the American Jewish leadership will be equal to the task.

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