Pollard's Wife Is Not The Issue:
Pollard's Grossly Excessive Sentence Is!

Dec. 12, 1996 - Mrs. Rose Caron
Re: "Torontonian At Centre of Espionage Tale", The Toronto Star, Dec. 8, 1996

When Carol Pollard and government-funded1 colleague Amnon Dror use the spurious issue of Jonathan Pollard's marriage to paint a devastating, false and damaging picture of him, it is very clear why Jonathan Pollard rejected their "help", and severed all ties with these people.

If the only "contribution" that Carol Pollard and Amnon Dror have to make towards Jonathan Pollard's release to is to attack his choice of strategies, falsely portray him as unremorseful, call into question his sanity, and attack his authorized spokespersons - his wife Esther and his attorney Larry Dub - then clearly their "help" is not only counter-productive, but downright damaging.

It is not clear for what reason the Toronto Star is providing extensive coverage of these people who claim to be "helping" Jonathan Pollard, and yet have not seen or spoken to him in years. At the same time, the Toronto Star makes absolutely no mention of the substantial issues of the case, namely: the issue of equal justice for all citizens of America, and the issue of Equal Treatment of Allies.

As the result of a broken plea agreement, Jonathan Pollard is now in his twelfth year of incarceration, with no end in sight., for an offense that no one in the history of the USA has ever served more than 5 years in prison. Pollard got a life sentence - and a recommendation that he never be paroled.

Jonathan Pollard's wife is not the issue. His grossly disproportionate sentence is!

Mrs. Rose Caron

Footnote: 1. Israel T.V. News, Channel 2: 20/10/95, Jerusalem Post: 22/10/95

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