Jonathan Pollard Responds To Attacks On His Wife

December 9, 1996 - Jonathan Pollard - Media Release

I originally issued the following statement in 1994. My statement was printed in the Hebrew daily, Ma'ariv, as a front page banner article, November 25, 1994. It is a disgrace that two years later I am obliged once again to issue the same statement in English:

Over the past six years, my wife, Esther, has been subjected to a well-coordinated and unrelenting stream of abuse. It is critical for people to understand though, she is not the intended target of this article, I am.

That my avowed enemies have participated in this campaign has come as no surprise. However, I am shocked and deeply saddened by the fact that this attack has been largely directed by members of my own family, certain so-called "friends", and the Public Committee for Pollard in Israel.

Unfortunately, my efforts to quietly stop this assault on Esther failed. In fact, it is quite apparent that all of my behind the scenes appeals for "shalom bayis" (co-operation) and unity were simply dismissed as signs of weakness.

The vilification of my wife has now escalated to the point where I can no longer remain silent. To remove any lingering doubt on this score, I wish to make it very clear that, as far as I am concerned,

Esther speaks for me on all matters pertaining to my case.

I also fully intend to defend myself from any attacks directed at me through her, regardless as to their origins.
Jonathan Pollard
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