The Persecution of the Jew Pollard

December 6, 1996 - The Jewish Press - New York

Think about it - a Jew, Jonathan Pollard, is sentenced to jail for life for trying to save the Jewish nation of Israel from a host of Arab countries bent on its absolute destruction. How do we know their intent? These Arab nations say so continually and have been buying weapons of mass destruction from good Western nations who clearly understand that the Arabs' intent is to use the weapons against Israel. These were the same Western countries, like France, who turned over their own Jewish citizens to the Nazis and then confiscated Jewish properties for their own use.1

As you read this, the UN team searching for Saddam's hidden Scud missiles with biological and chemical warheads are stymied. Also, satellites show advanced poison gas factories in Syria. Reports detail manufacture of lethal nerve gas VX near Damascus, aided by Russian scientists.2 Yet Jonathan Pollard, who alerted America's


democratic Middle East ally to the Arab's poison gas capability, began his 12th year in prison on November 21.

In 1981, Bobby Inman, then deputy director of the CIA, decided to withhold intelligence from Israel.3 After Naval intelligence refused to alert Israel that supposedly friendly Western democracies were arming Israel's enemies with gas, chemical and nuclear weapons, Pollard, in desperation, warned Israel. Sales of such weapons brought billions in cash flow, but these sales of catastrophic weapons supposedly bought even more - temporary loyalty and power. However, there was this small problem called Israel who was hated by the same Arab nations to whom the West was selling its most high-tech weapons for the profits gained by high-priced Arab oil.

U.S. Secretary of Defense Caspar Weinberger knew about this. But he hated the Jews (perhaps because he has a drop of Jewish blood from one of his ancestors who was Jewish). He hated Israel and finally he came to hate the Jew Pollard who had alerted Weinberger's hated enemy - Jewish Israel.

The trial of Jonathan Pollard was a planned persecution which goes on to this very day.

The Justice Department behaved like the Courts of the Inquisition. The lawyers, the judges, the intelligence agencies all played their role in victimizing the Jew Pollard. This Jew had to take the blame for everything that these agencies had been doing for years. Having betrayed Israel by providing weapons to her enemies along with intelligence, while denying the same to Israel,

the intelligence Agencies had to silence the one man who knew


Journalists Steven Rodan,4 Uri Dan and Dennis Eisenberg reported about high ranking former intelligence men who spearheaded the effort to convince President Clinton not to grant clemency. Who are these people and what connections did they have and still have with such rogue terrorist nations as Syria, Iraq and Iran?5 Once again, we must ask Congress: Why have they adamantly refused to convene a panel of inquiry regarding American Middle East foreign policy? What dirty things will emerge? Which congressman knew and suppressed information? What were our intelligence agencies doing that was so embarrassing to the point of being criminal?

Aldrich Ames confessed to exposing U.S. agents in Russia who were killed,6 for which Caspar Weinberger had blamed Pollard.

But Ames' confession made no difference to Pollard's sentence.

Weinberger, the Justice Department, the CIA, Naval Intelligence, Judge Aubrey Robinson and three Presidents couldn't take their hands of the Jew Pollard. Today, auto-da-fés (burning at the stake) can no longer be practiced on Jews as they were during the Spanish Inquisition, so another method was devised:

"Let us bury him alive in prison, in silence."

Pollard can't be allowed to reveal the role of Bush and Baker in the arming of Iraq or in Iran-Contra. Pollard unknowingly blew the whistle in the summer of 1984 on the first shipment of arms-for-hostages arranged by then VP George Bush, CIA head William Casey and the British.7 Pollard acted because he thought the arms were meant for Arab countries. But this little known exposure of Bush's involvement had to be suppressed at all costs.8

Pollard must not be allowed to speak

of Germany, France, England and their shipments of poison gas equipment, chemicals (some of which poisoned American troops during the Gulf War) and the materials for nuclear weapons. He must not be allowed to speak of Arab nations and their deep penetration into the White House and the intelligence agencies. He must not be allowed to speak of the transfer by America to the Arab nations of vital intelligence about Israel's military preparedness.

Elie Wiesel addressed President Clinton: "Pollard has been in jailfor more than 10 years. Isn't it time for compassion to prevail?" He said, "Pollard served his time - and more - more than any others convicted."9 Clinton has refused to grant clemency. He has been advised by Janet Reno of the Justice Department. Few believe that he's taking advice from Janet Reno. But, is he being influenced by those in the intelligence community with a lot to hide, especially former Presidents and Secretaries of State and Defense?

The West's vendetta against the Jews didn't stop with the Holocaust.

It merely paused to catch its breath and join hands with Islam's plan to complete Hitler's planned "Final Solution to the Jewish Question." Suppressing one Jew was satisfying, but the appetite could only be sated with the subjugation of the Jewish nation. This essay speaks about those nations who continue to hate Jews and ally themselves with any enemy who demonstrates a willingness to complete Hitler's obsession. They have forfeited their souls in a demented pursuit of Jews.

Many righteous Christians are shamed by thousands of years of Gentile persecution and today try to make amends. To these Christians we offer a Yasher Ko'ach (Thanks and more power to you!). To the others, including Presidents and nations, we say: You were tested on earth by the Jews and have failed. There's no place for you in G-d's courtyard. You may make fulsome earthly pronouncements about the glory of G-d and the heaven to which you expect to ascend, but He won't hear.



righteous Christians think they can appear before G-d despite their complicity in the deaths of Jews and be welcomed by the Jew J Moslems believe that with the head of a dead Jew they will enter paradise and their Allah will give them 70 virgins and other rewards. These are the walking dead who believe killing Jews is their entry to a life after death. But instead they will be condemned to hurling through a hell of their own making for all time, including Presidents, Popes, hateful people side-by-side, with no hope, no forgiveness, only pain.

Be assured, all Jews suffer as Pollard suffers his torment. Jews are the litmus test of G-d. For those who believe that there is recompense for what we do on earth, it is written that whole nations will pay a terrible price for what they have done to the Jews.

Symbols of the Christian cross and the Arab sword with the crescent have been carried as bloody banners, much the same as the swastika, reminding all of their followers' foul deeds. None shall be judged guiltless for the blood of Jews which has been shed. That time of Judgement will soon be rendered.

We Jews are an ancient people who have trekked through history experiencing hatred and jealousy of humankind. We know what to expect from our fellow humans. We read the weekly Torah portion, Noah, wherein G-d saw that the corruption of humankind was beyond redemption. Vayera describes how G-d designated the elimination of Sodom and Gemorrah because their people were irredeemably evil. Abraham pleaded and bargained with G-d to save Sodom if only ten good people could be found therein - but even ten could not be found.

Jonathan Pollard was this generation's test and we all failed.

Emanuel Winston

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