Pollard's Attorney Delivers Reprimand to Ha'Aretz

November 13, 1996 - Larry Dub
As translated from Hebrew

Mr. Henoch Marmry, Chief Editor
Ha'Aretz Newspaper
21 Shocken Street
P.O.B. 233
Tel Aviv 6100

Re: Jonathan Pollard

I represent Jonathan Pollard and am his sole authorized attorney. Since my appointment, I have read many articles about Jonathan, his wife Esther, and his family, but I never until now encountered an article as biased and as replete with inaccuracies and gross distortions as the one that was printed in the Weekend Supplement of the Ha'Aretz, Friday, November 1, 1996.

The writer, Ronen Bergman, along with the editors of Ha'Aretz, for some reason that is not clear, decided to publicize secondary issues, and outright lies. Had you done a full and thorough investigation with regard to Jonathan, you'd have discovered the truth about his association with me, his relationship with the American Jewish leadership, and the harsh conditions he endures in prison today, not two years ago.

The only issue for Jonathan and for the Israeli public at large, is Jonathan's release from prison.

Therefore, I see no useful purpose - indeed no purpose at all - in the article, other than to personally hurt Jonathan by interfering in his problems with his family, and by describing his wife in pejorative terms.

If you had done some thorough research, you'd have known that the people whose cause you were promoting have had no contact with Jonathan, and have not been involved in the fight for his freedom for more than 2 years now, and therefore everything that you published in this article about Jonathan simply isn't relevant today.

Even though the writer, Ronen Bergman, was aware that I am Jonathan Pollard's attorney of record, and his only authorized legal counsel, he did not even taken the time or trouble to contact me to hear first hand the truth about what is really going on in Jonathan's life, and what difficult conditions he continues to endure in prison.

To conclude, both morally and legally, you are obliged to relay a clear message to your readers so that they will know that the article that was published

does not reflect the true reality of Jonathan Pollard

, and that you have hurt this solitary man who has lost a chunk of his life in prison on behalf of the state of Israel and Jewish people, and that he deserves to be free, in Israel, with his beloved wife Esther.

Jonathan Pollard has suffered enough.

Therefore, I am sending a copy of this letter to the editors of other Israeli publications to ensure that such damage will never again occur in the future.

There is absolutely no reason to tolerate another article as disgraceful as this one ever again.


Larry Dub, Esq.

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