A Secret Deal To Free Pollard?

October 7, 1996 - Media Release

The New York Jewish Week

claims to have learned through unnamed sources that there is a secret deal between President Clinton and Prime Minister Netanyahu to release Jonathan Pollard after the America election.

No such deal exists!

At best, this piece of


is nothing more than

twisted wish fulfillment

designed to assuage the guilt of the America Jewish leadership who have failed to demand

equal justice

for the America Jewish Community.

At worst, it is part of a

politically motivated

scheme to dupe America Jewish voters into complacency and to buy more time for both Mr. Clinton and Mr. Netanyahu. Similar attempts to spread


to undermine Jonathan Pollard's fight for freedom have routinely occurred at every critical juncture of time. Not long ago, pernicious and patently false rumours of an

impending spy swap

attempted to do the same kind of damage.

  • No attempt was made to contact any authorized principal of the case.
  • No attempt was made to verify the story.
  • No attempt was made to determine the damage or consequences that Jonathan might suffer as a result of this disinformation in print.
  • In addition to questions about journalistic credibility, this also raises moral and ethical questions about journalistic


    What would motivate "unnamed sources" to raise false expectations?

    What would motivate any responsible newspaper to flagrantly print such blatant disinformation?

    Clearly, the interests of truth have not been served.

    It remains open to question:

    exactly whose interests were being served?

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