Praising Esther Pollard

Letters to the Editor - The Jewish Press - September 6, 1996

The Israeli public was touched for three weeks by a unique individual and responded with a tremendous empathy. Those of us who were able to spend some time with Esther Pollard came to know a warm, keenly intelligent, highly articulate person whose total commitment and deep loyalty can only arouse the highest respect.

Anyone who signed the petition and greeted Esther received the warm glow of a smile that emanated from within and lit up her whole being. In the midst of her ordeal Esther looked absolutely wonderful. She was sustained by her intense and abiding faith in G-d and His wondrous ways, and by the support and encouragement of 'amcha'. "The signatures are being recorded in heaven" she liked to say.

Esther is a person of profound integrity, and the bedrock of her relationship with Jonathan is scrupulous mutual honesty. It came to my attention that on the 11th day of the hunger strike, Esther's handwriting was analyzed by a psychologist. The expert said that she is very stable, goodhearted, determined, energetic, sympathetic, and eager to help others; a person whose passions sometimes overcome logic.

I believe that all of Am Yisrael is waiting to embrace Jonathan Pollard. With G-d's help it will happen soon.

Tamar Kagan
Jerusalem, Israel