July 30, 1996 - Emanuel A. Winston, a Middle East analyst and commentator

As terrorist bombs kill innocent Americans in Saudi Arabia, TWA 800 over New York, at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, President Clinton condemns Jonathan Pollard for warning Israel about the plans of terrorist nations to destroy their country. What a strange time to condemn the whistle-blower?!

Behind this denial for clemency is a dark secret of such ugliness, such betrayal it can only be matched by the Allies' refusal to bomb the crematoria during WWII to stop the slaughter of Europe's Jews.

Pollard's grave offense was


that he broke an agreement to hold confidential American secrets, but rather that he exposed to Israel certain of these secrets. But, let us begin a bit before Pollard was arrested in 1985 - and go back to 1981. That was the year that Israel bombed the nuclear reactor in Iraq named Osirak. The French built it; the Americans knew it was being built; both said nothing to Israel. Both knew of Saddam Hussein's pledge to incinerate Israel, but that was acceptable as long as Saddam faced down Iran or hit it with a nuclear bomb. Anything Iraq did, even the gassing of 500 Kurdish villagers was acceptable to America's war lords and we did remain silent.

Most of the "good" Western nations like Germany, France, England, and - to be sure - America under George Bush, former Head of CIA, VP, now President - were selling Iraq anything Saddam wanted. This includes the capacity to develop chemical, biological, and nuclear warheads and the missiles to deliver them to most of America's European and Near Eastern allies.

They simply forgot to inform that little democracy, Israel that she was number one on the targets list for Saddam's new weapons. As in World War II, when the western Allies decided NOT to rescue, feed, or clothe the Jews of Europe and Russia or bomb the rail lines to the death camps, the Allies were culpable in the deaths of 6 million Jews. The motivation behind their sentencing of European Jewry to genocide was demonstrated when John Foster and Allen Dulles, Sec. of State and head of the pre-CIA protected SS Nazi Generals and German industrialists during and after the War. (Read "The Secret War Against the Jews: How Western Espionage Betrayed the Jewish People: 1920-1992 by John Loftus & Mark Aaron 1920-1992", St. Martin's Press, 1994.)

The State Department protected the very same Nazis who ran the death camps and filled human purchase orders to send slave labor to most of today's famous German manufacturers - there to be worked and starved to death. Read "The Splendid Blond Beast" by Christopher Simpson for more details about America's trade with the Nazis over the dead bodies of the Jews. These are the same manufacturers that sold the technology and material to Iraq, leading up to the Gulf War. Today they sell their latest technology to Iran and Syria with America's full awareness.

The betrayal of Israel didn't begin with the approved sale of catastrophic weapons to Saddam by George Bush and James Baker, but it is a good place to start. After the Israeli Mossad learned that Saddam was building a nuclear bomb capability, they pleaded with the U.S. to stop Saddam. America under Reagan/Bush, did exactly what Franklin Roosevelt did and told the Israelis that they were exaggerating the danger and that Saddam was far from developing such a weapon. So Menachem Begin blew it up before it was operational and when the staff was not there. The UN condemned Israel and the U.S. held up delivery of vital aircraft as a punishment. This was also when then Deputy Director of the CIA Bobby Inman (later Director of NSA) declared an embargo on intelligence to Israel regarding Arab armaments. When Inman declined President Clinton's appointment as Secretary of Defense, his TV diatribe revealed his intelligence embargo against Israel.

Only after Bush was reluctantly dragged into the Gulf War did any facts surface. Although Saddam was now equated with Hitler by Bush, Schwartzkopf was ordered to hit only Saddam's third string army and to stop the 4 day ground assault before hitting Saddam's elite troops, Saddam himself, or Iraq's catastrophic weapons' plants. How did Bush/Baker become both attacker and Saddam's savior, allowing him to continue killing his own people while remaining a constant threat to the Gulf oil region?

Documents found in Iraq detailed which countries and which corporations delivered the poison gas, the missiles, the nuclear materials were picked up and just as fast disappeared. Do you remember hearing about those countries or companies? Probably not. With the exception of the article in the Wall Street Journal by Kenneth Timmerman, the story was spiked by most other news sources.

Israel was tricked and lied to by the same State Department Arabists who have pulled a hundred other dirty tricks on Israel for their Arab oil friends. When Israel destroyed Osirak, the U.S. and western democracies pounded Israel in the UN. (Ironically, during the Gulf War, the soldiers blessed Israel for having destroyed Saddam's nuclear weapon capability in 1981 and saving them from the nuclear threat.)

In 1984 Caspar Weinberger, U.S. Secretary of Defense, in defiance of promises made by successive American Presidents and Congress to exchange intelligence with Israel, continued Bobby Inman's intelligence embargo. Again, the closely knit Arabists in the State Department, linked to the U.S. Intelligence agencies and the military, decided Israel was


to know what their Arab neighbors were planning. Later Weinberger was pardoned by Bush before he could be forced to testify against Bush on Iran/Contra.

Jonathan Pollard, a civilian analyst for Naval Intelligence, saw information he knew the U.S. Presidents had agreed to give to Israel. Israel had already kept its part of the exchange by providing the U.S. with captured Soviet weapons, revealing their latest technology, plus much other valuable intelligence. Gen. George Keegan, OBM, former head of U.S. Military Intelligence, stated publicly that Israel was worth 5 CIAs. So, Jonathan Pollard notified his Section Chief of this cut-off and was told to mind his own business. He revealed that the U.S. wasn't telling Israel about Arab poison gas capability and he was told: "The Jews are too sensitive about gas." So, with Israel under continual death threat from weapons the West provided to the Arabs, Caspar Weinberger decided that Israel was not to know.

Pollard implemented the intent of the Nuremberg Tribunal that if mass murder (genocide) is being planned by your own government, you must refuse to obey or warn the victims. Pollard warned the intended victim - Israel. He broke a law intended for honest men that was twisted for dishonest purposes. Pollard also learned the names of those who were working on a massive conspiracy to arm the Arab countries while weakening Israel. This is the reason that President Clinton now denies Pollard clemency. A clue was the ease with which Janet Reno absolved then President Bush of giving Saddam $5 Billion dollars from Departmemt of Agriculture funds, allowing him to purchase additional weapons. Perhaps you didn't hear of this investigation and its conclusions. Perhaps you weren't meant to.

America has a clear history of releasing spies quickly even when they were directly connected to such enemies as the Soviet Union. When we caught spies from France, England, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, they were usually sent home without a trial. But, not the Jewish State of Israel. Let a Jew be caught blowing the cover of the Arabists in Washington, he stays in jail forever - unless they can arrange an 'accident' or a 'suicide'. Remember: Pollard was not charged with nor convicted of treason. But Weinberger's secret memorandum to the Judge, Aubrey Robinson, accused him of it. Aldrich Ames accused him of the deaths in Russia of 10 U.S. agents for which Ames was responsible.

President Clinton is bowing to the power of those who, like J. Edgar Hoover had the power to collect files on politicians and persuade them to do his bidding. Who would ever have that investigative power to create files? Why shucks! Could it be the NSA, Naval Intelligence, CIA, FBI, and a dozen other ever more secretive agencies? What could they have possibly gathered on then Governor Clinton of Arkansas?

Bill Clinton seems to have bowed to a past parts of which, no doubt, will remain hidden unless he bows to their will. He has surely bowed when it comes to


giving clemency to Jonathan Pollard, a "dangerous" man to those who worked on behalf of the Arab nations towards the goal of eliminating Israel. He knows their names. There are, indeed, secrets which our government wishes to keep buried.

Although terrorism is stalking the world, Congress has steadfastly refused to call investigative hearings on U.S. policy in the Middle East or on the terrorist nations. Many of these terrorist nations are involved in our economy and often have funded many of our politicians. No, I don't think Congress wants a hearing on these matters. They also have been State Department and various Presidents who, in defending the military/economic benefits of the Arab oil states, have been abetting the Arab world's intended destruction of the State of Israel.

Now that Americans are being murdered in the hundreds by our terrorist "friends", perhaps Congress will be forced to act in defense of the American people. Perhaps there is another Jonathan Pollard within the intelligence community who will have the guts to step forward and tell the American people what our State Department and our Intelligence wogs have been planning for Israel in the year 2000 and beyond. President Bill Clinton, by not granting clemency to a man who alerted an ally to Arab terror, has surely lined up on the side of terror itself.

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