Clinton Refuses Pollard: Now It's Up To Netanyahu

July 28, 1996 - Media Release

On July 26, President Clinton denied Jonathan Pollard's third request for commutation.

In basing his decision on "the unanimous opinions of the Justice, Intelligence and Defence Departments",

President Clinton abdicated his constitutional responsibility to remain above the fray of vested interests.

The excuses given for the refusal of Mr. Pollard's petition for commutation, namely, "the enormity of his crime" and "his lack of remorse", are egregious and fly in the face of the facts.

Repeated personal requests from three successive heads of the State of Israel, and unceasing appeals from American Jewish leaders seem to have been of no import to Mr. Clinton.

Jonathan Pollard has now exhausted every legal avenue available to him for

equal justice.

It is now up to the Jewish people and the State of Israel to secure his immediate release.

President Clinton has effectively thrown down the gauntlet before Prime Minister Netanyahu.

Now it is up to Prime Minister Netanyahu.

  • In Jerusalem on July 28, Esther Pollard began Day 1 of a hunger strike to free her husband.