Only The Nation Can Save Jonathan

And the people said to Saul,
"Shall Jonathan, who has wrought this great salvation in Israel, die?
Far be it. As the Lord lives, not one hair of his head shall fall
to the ground, for he has worked with God this day."

And the people redeemed Jonathan, and he did not die.

- Samuel I,14:45

For 11 years, Jonathan Pollard has been rotting in an American prison for his activities on behalf or Israel.

For most of these 11 years, the Israeli Government has acted callously and irresponsibly towards Jonathan Pollard, throwing him out of the Israeli Embassy and denying all responsibility for him.

After an uphill battle by Esther and Jonathan Pollard to raise public consciousness, the Israeli public embraced the case and forced a change of attitude in the Government.


there is no longer any question of Israel's responsibility in the Pollard case.


everyone knows that Jonathan Pollard received a grossly disproportionate sentence because he was Israel's agent, and a Jew.


everybody knows that Jonathan Pollard was scapegoated for the crimes of Aldrich Ames.


everyone knows that America armed Iraq and was furious at Jonathan Pollard for blowing the whistle.


everyone knows that America violated an intelligence-sharing agreement with Israel which forced Israel to depend on Jonathan Pollard for vital security information that America withheld.


everyone knows that Jonathan Pollard continues to be used by certain anti-semitic elements in the American Administration to call into question Israel's reliability as an ally.

Today Jonathan Pollard is an Israeli citizen, and Israel accepts full responsibility for him.

Today, securing Jonathan Pollard's immediate release is part of the new Government Guidelines.


  • In Washington,

    P.M. Netanyahu

    never raised the subject of Jonathan Pollard with President Clinton.
  • P.M. Netanyahu's

    total silence on the issue during his trip sent a strong message to the American Administration that they can continue to do as they please with Jonathan Pollard.
  • P.M. Netanyahu's

    newly-appointed Ambassador to the United States is using the same rhetoric that the Government used 11 years ago, when they threw Jonathan Pollard out of the Embassy.
  • The new Ambassador seeks to deny the Government's responsibility and to distance itself from Jonathan Pollard by giving interviews that characterize the Pollard case as "a rogue affair" with no connection to the Government.
  • P.M. Netanyahu

    did not give any indication even to the American Jewish community that the release of Jonathan Pollard is a Government priority.
  • At home,

    P.M. Netanyahu

    is hiding behind obfuscation and excuses in order to avoid answering for his failure to act on his election promises with regard to Jonathan Pollard.
  • When questioned by Government officials,

    P.M. Netanyahu

    ducks the question, pleading "national security".

    This hunger strike is a heartfelt cry to the Nation to hold Prime Minister Netanyahu responsible for carrying out his pre-election promises to the nation, to Jonathan and Esther Pollard, and to his coalition partners to secure the immediate release of Jonathan Pollard.