Letter from Leader of Moledet Party

June 20, 1996

To: Mrs. Esther Pollard

From: M.K. Rechavam Ze'Evi
(Leader of Moledet Party)

(Translated from Hebrew)

Shalom Rav, (warm greetings)

During the recent session of Knesset to certify the government of Benjamin Netanyahu, I presided as Chairman of the Convocation.

I availed myself of the opportunity, and my remarks included the following statement:

"It is the hope and prayer of all that the hostages, the M.I.A.'s, and the Prisoners of Zion will be swiftly returned to their homeland: Rachamim Alshich, Ron Arad, Zacharia Baumel, Yehuda Katz, Yosef Fink, Tzvi Feldman and Jonathan Pollard."

For your information

With Blessings
M.K. Rechavam Ze'Evi