Jonathan Pollard and the Guidelines of the Government of Israel

June 16, 1996

The following is an unofficial translation of part of a key section of the Guidelines of the Government of Israel signed today by the coalition partners.

Point number five below refers specifically to Jonathan Pollard. This point reflects Prime Minister Netanyahu's promise to Esther Pollard. (Press conference, May 21, 1996) Similar assurances were given Mrs. Pollard during her recent meetings with religous and political leaders now part of the coalition government.

It is hoped that the American Jewish community will lend its full support to the immediate realization of this goal.

Peace, Security and Foreign Relations

5. The government of Israel will use all means at its disposal to bring home the Prisoners of War and Missing in Action and

all those who worked for the security of the state

, and will insist on this point during negotiations with all relevant parties.