Jonathan Pollard to Netanyahu: Help!

June 2, 1996

Jerusalem - Convicted spy Jonathan Pollard today expressed congratulations to Israel's new Prime Minister Bibi Netanyahu, in a message conveyed to his wife Esther who is presently in Israel.

"Mr. Netanyahu is the fourth Israeli Prime Minister to call for my release," Pollard said, referring to his May 5th letter to President Clinton calling for the prisoner's immediate release, "I appeal to him to revisit this request in his upcoming meeting with President Clinton."

"With one stroke of the pen, the President can reassure the people of Israel on this consensus issue, salute Mr. Peres who has twice personally requested my release and send a strong signal of cooperation to the new Prime Minister."

Pollard added: "Mr. Netanyahu took an important initiative in May when be appealed directly to President Bill Clinton to set me free and enable me to come home to Israel. I was especially pleased with the supportive reception he gave my wife Esther finding time to meet with her literally days before the election."