Statement by Mrs. Jonathan Pollard following Meeting with Prime Minister Shimon Peres

May 26, 1996

Tel Aviv:

Esther Pollard, wife of Jonathan Pollard, today met with Prime Minister Shimon Peres. This was the first time since this case broke eleven years ago that the Prime Minister of Israel agreed to meet with Mr. Pollard's sole designated representative, his wife Esther. She raised these points in the meeting:
  1. She thanked Mr. Peres for his efforts to secure the release of her husband.
  2. She communicated a personal message from Jonathan that he asked her to deliver in his behalf in a phone call earlier today.
  3. Mrs. Pollard appealed to Mr. Peres to use his good offices to speak with President Clinton


    , to secure the immediate release of her husband.

Mrs. Pollard based her request on these points:

  • The excellent relations enjoyed today by the U.S. and Israel.
  • Israel has released thousands of security prisoners at President Clinton's personal request.
  • There is no longer any doubt that Pollard was scapegoated by the ex-CIA traitor Aldridge Ames.
  • The US has just granted early release to convicted traitors William Kampiles and Clayton Lonetree whose crimes were far more serious than Jonathan Pollard's.
  • Michael Schwartz, a non-Jew who spied for Saudi Arabia confessed and was indicted this year of the same offense as Jonathan. He will never serve prison time.
  • Pollard has served 11 years of a life sentence, which is more than any other US citizen charged with the same offense.
  • Pollard's prison situation is life-threatening and worsening daily.