Netanyahu Calls on Clinton to Release Pollard

May 5, 1996:

Dear Mr. President,

Jonathan Pollard is serving a life sentence for espionage against the United States. Mr. Pollard has now served at least ten years of that sentence, and he has also become a citizen of the State of Israel. The Israeli press have reported that you have considered pardoning Mr. Pollard in recent years, but that you have reservations concerning the conduct of some of his relatives and supporters. If these reports are true, I urge you to put aside such considerations.

Undoubtedly, Mr. President, you share the humanitarian desire to alleviate the suffering of Mr. Pollard, who has paid dearly for his past mistakes, a desire that is shared by many in the United States and by

all the people of Israel

, regardless of their political affiliation.

With best regards,

Benjamin Netanyahu


  • On November 21, 1996, Jonathan Pollard completed his


    year in prison.
  • Jonathan Pollard was indicted


    for activities on behalf of




    for activities against the United States.