Jonathan Pollard Responds to New York Jewish Week

February 6, 1996

To: Gary Rosneblatt, Editor, The Jewish Week
From: Esther Pollard
Re: "Pentagon Dual Loyalty Warning Triggers Outraged Response", February 2, 1996

Mr. Rosenblatt, I have just shared the above article with my husband. His response to it was to tell me:

"The Jewish week should be condemned for continuing to disseminate the Defence Department's unjust and baseless allegations against me, filtered through "anonymous sources". If these admirals and generals had any proof to substantiate their lies, they should have submitted them for judicial review. To date, they have done nothing more than hide their allegations behind a veil of classification and secrecy. If there were any substance to what these admirals and generals were saying, then I should have been indicted for at least "intending" to harm the United States! The fact that I was not puts the lie to all of their false charges of harm, either real or intended.

By reprinting their lies without giving me, my wife or my attorney an opportunity to refute them, the Jewish Week is doing our community a grave disservice.

Let us remember that these same admirals and generals sold us out in 1967, 1973, in 1982 and as recently as the Gulf War. Their sweet words of sympathy for Israel ring hollow when compared with their ongoing pattern of deceit and treachery against our people. The Jewish Week has obviously forgotten that these are the same admirals and generals who actively participated in the Inman-Weinberger undeclared intelligence embargo against Israel!

In light of this fact, who in his right mind would believe anything they said based on their "good word"? Their word is a dagger aimed at our collective heart; and if the Jewish Week doesn't recognize that, maybe they have forgotten who and what they represent...

It is time "reputable" newspapers like the Jewish Week understood that a person should be judged on the basis of his charges, not on the rumours of patently-biased and anti-semitic individuals."

Mr. Rosenblatt, the blood libel that your newspaper had inadvertently propagated is aimed not only at Jonathan Pollard, but at the heart of every single Jew. It is your obligation to redress this grievous harm by publishing the above.


Esther Pollard
(Mrs. Jonathan Pollard)