Letter to Prime Minister Peres from Esther Pollard

February 5, 1996

Dear Prime Minister Peres,

I refer to your letter to MK Yossi Achimeir of January 25, 1996.

We are deeply dismayed that the Government of Israel would lend credence, even inadvertently, to false charges against my husband, Jonathan Pollard.

With all due respect, Mr. Prime Minister, Jonathan Pollard was


indicted for harming the United States. Nor was he ever charged with acting


the United States.

As you are aware, these allegations have been bandied about in an ongoing smear campaign in the American media for many years now, not only to blacken Jonathan Pollard but also to call into question Israel's reliability as an ally.

Jonathan has never been indicted for such crimes. Nor will he be. Not a shred of evidence exists, after more than 10 years, upon which to base such a charge!

The only charge against Jonathan Pollard stipulated that he acted

on behalf of Israel

(and not against anyone).

Again, with all due respect, Mr. Prime Minister, all of Israel's polite requests through the years to free Jonathan Pollard on "humanitarian grounds" have fallen on deaf ears.

Especially in light of the recent anti-semitic Pentagon document accusing Israel, and libelling all Jews as a collective security risk, isn't it time for Israel to demand equal treatment as an ally? Isn't it time for Israel to demand that her closest ally

free one Israeli citizen

- Jonathan Pollard?


Esther Pollard

N.B. Mr. Prime Minister

My husband has asked to add the following message to you:

"Mr. Peres, allow me to remind you that it was you yourself, and your government that sent me as your agent, to obtain vital security information that was being withheld from Israel. If anyone knows the exact nature of my activities, it is you. If anyone knows that my activities were only on behalf of Israel, and not against anyone, it is you.

If there is any serious crime here, it is your abandonment of an Israeli agent."

Letter to M.K. Yossi Achimeir from Prime Minister Peres - January 25, 1996

To Yossi, Greetings of Shalom.

I read your letter to me of 21 January, 1996, concerning Jonathan Pollard.

The Government of Israel has done and will continue to do everything it can to make the American Administration aware of our request to free Mr. Jonathan Pollard.

The request is based on humanitarian concerns, given both the great length of time that has passed since he was arrested, as well as the many changes in the world since then, while, of course, not minimizing the seriousness of the crimes against the United States for which he was sentenced.

With blessings,

Shimon Peres Prime Minister and Defence Minister