Attorneys' Cease and Desist Letter to Carol Pollard


Dr. M. Gellert, advocate and notary
Alon Gellert, advocate
Gidi Frishtik, advocate

January 29, 1996
File 288p

To: Miss Carol Pollard
c/o Mr. Amnon Dror
By Fax: 03-685-1717


The undersigned attorney for Mr. Jonathan Pollard, in conjunction with my colleague, attorney Larry Dub, wish to draw your attention to the following:

  1. On more than one occasion Jonathan Pollard has relayed the message to you that in his opinion, your actions and your statements are damaging to his case and are not helpful in advancing his flight for freedom. He has requested more than once that you cease from all activities related to him or his case.

  2. In spite of this, it is clear that you continue again and again to speak on his case while continuing to do damage to the effort to secure his release.

  3. You have done more of the same in an interview with Yossi Melman, a writer for Ha'aretz. The interview, which was published this morning quoted you on a number of facts which are pure falsehood and distortions of the truth. To point out one such example, it should be noted that Mr. Pollard never appointed attorney Mordechi Offri to represent him. Moreover, any activities that Mr. Offri undertook on his own Initiative in support of Mr. Pollard, ceased when he became appointed the counsel for Yigal Amir.

  4. There is no doubt that your statements in the interview are libelous, and contravene the libel laws of 1965 which prohibit libel.

  5. Mr. Pollard has charged me with demanding from you a full accounting in detail of all sums of monies which have been paid to you since the start of his incarceration, monies which are intended for this campaign to secure his release.

  6. My client further wishes to inform you that he does not permit you the right to publication of any kind with regard to his case - rights which apparently, according to the interview you seem to have taken upon yourself without his consent.

  7. My client wishes to serve you with final notice, that in the event that you do not cease and desist from making statements on his case and causing damage to the initiative to free him, he will be compelled to pursue this matter through legal avenues.

In order that there be no lack of clarity, my colleague attorney, Larry Dub, will be forwarding a copy of this letter to your home in the U.S.A., so that there will be no room for any misunderstanding of the issues.

With Great Respect,
Gidi Frishtik, Esquire

c.c. Mr. Larry Dub, Esq.
Mr. & Mrs. Jonathan Pollard