The dereliction of Israel's responsibility isn't absolved by blaming the American Jewish Community

January 14, 1996 - Letters to the Editor - Esther Pollard

Dear Editor,

In a January 12, 1996 interview in Ma'ariv, Israeli Ambassador Itamar Rabinovitch maintains that the failure of the Israeli Government to secure the release of Jonathan Pollard is the fault of the American Jewish Community. Mr. Rabinovitch states that in raising the subject with President Clinton, Prime Minister Peres and the late Prime Minister Rabin have done all that they could, and the fault lies with the American Jewish Community, for not speaking out in a "loud and unified voice".

Aside from the fact that Mr. Rabinovitch's assertion is utterly untrue, perhaps it is time to remind the Government of Israel, whom Mr. Rabinovitch represents, that

Jonathan Pollard was a bona fide agent of the Government of Israel, and not of the American Jewish Community!

Moreover, Jonathan Pollard is an Israeli Citizen! It is the full and unequivocal responsibility of the Israeli Government to seek and secure the release of


agent and



In spite of the continued indifference of the American Administration, a wealth of documentation is on file that testifies to the unequivocal support that the American Jewish Community as a whole now lends to the request to free Jonathan Pollard at once and send him to Israel.

The American Jewish Community fully and whole-heartedly supports the Government of Israel in their initiative to secure the immediate release of


agent and


citizen. But to hear the Government of Israel foisting their responsibility off on the American Jewish Community, and claiming that it is their fault

that the Government of Israel has failed in obtaining a simple request from the very same ally that they are postulating the safety and security of the entire nation upon, beggars the imagination!

The release of Jonathan Pollard is the Acid test of Israel-U.S. relations. If Mr. Peres cannot secure the release of Jonathan Pollard, then there is every reason for Israel to fear placing trust in the American Administration as honest guarantors of the peace process or anything else. Posturing in the world media, Mr. Peres wants the people of Israel to believe that he and his nation have standing in Washington. Particularly in light of the Schwartz case, Jonathan Pollard's continued incarceration makes a mockery of any claims Mr. Peres makes regarding America's support of himself or Israel.

Esther Pollard
(Mrs. Jonathan Pollard)