An Urgent Chanuka Appeal from Jonathan Pollard

December 17, 1995: First light of Chanuka, 5756


Friends, Supporters, Lovers of Israel and All Israel

And especially to:

Editors, Journalists, Jewish Leaders, Public Figures, and anyone in a position to speak out publicly

Dear Friend:

Even as you are reading these lines now, a decision is being made in Washington. A decision that will not only affect my own life, and decide whether or not after all these years I may finally be set free, but a decision that will impact on all of Israel, and have direct implications for both the future of the State of Israel, and the future of the American Jewish Community.

I implore you, to do whatever you can

, to see to it that Prime Minister Peres' initiative to secure my release

does not fail.

If ever there was a time for unity, this is it.
If ever there was a time to speak out, this is it.
This is the last chance for a very long time.
Please do not hesitate. Please do not wait.

Please. Let us put aside petty differences and

unite now

to speak out with one voice now.

A letter from my wife Esther follows.
Use it. Study it. Print it. Quote it. Or restate it in your own words. Just please,

get the message out!

It cannot be stressed to often or too strongly:
The fight for Jonathan Pollard's freedom is much bigger than the fight for one man's freedom.

It is the fight for equal justice under the law.
It is the fight for equal treatment for Israel as an ally.
It is the fight for Israel's future.
It is the fight for The Jewish Community in America.

As. Mr. Peres' comments to reporters indicate (see Ether's Letter) Jewish voices are not being paid any mind, and are likely to be ignored.

It's time to speak louder. It is critical to speak with one voice.

My life depends on it now.

And if you think about, yours does too.

In the merit of Chanuka, I implore us all

to unite and cause fresh miracles to occur

in our time.

With love of Israel,