Reply To Washington Post Article of November 22, 1995

November 26, 1995

Letters to the Editor
Washington Post

Dear Sir,

As Jonathan J. Pollard's lead attorney, I take strong exception to the article written by Barton Gelman in which he insinuates that the granting of citizenship is nothing more than a symbolic act which was sought against the advice of his legal advocates.

Jonathan Pollard, his wife and his attorneys are extremely pleased by the decision of the Israeli government in granting Mr. Pollard Israeli citizenship. It is an important step in acknowledging the strong relationship that exists between Mr. Pollard and the people and State of Israel. For the first time, since his arrest, Mr. Pollard can finally feel at one with his people. From a legal standpoint, the granting of citizenship only helps Mr. Pollard's standing when the Prime Minister and President of Israel ask for his release. Last evening Prime Minister Peres indicated on Israeli radio that he would raise the Pollard matter on his upcoming visit to Washington. He also indicated, when asked about the citizenship matter, that in his opinion,

the granting of Israeli citizenship will help Mr. Pollard.

Finally, I trust that your correspondent in the future will seek information about Mr. Pollard from those individuals who are closely connected to his case rather than seek interviews and statements from outsiders who have long since been dismissed as spokespersons for Jonathan Pollard.

Respectfully submitted,

Larry Dub