Excerpt From "A Peace Plan Made To Order"

November 24, 1995 - Akiva Eldar - Courtesy Ha Aretz

...During a consolation visit, Secretary of State Warren Christopher told Prime Minister Peres that he knows how difficult the period of transition and recovery is. He requested to know in what way the American Administration could assist to help Israel regain her strength. What could Peres ask for that Rabin had not asked for from this Administration; what could Clinton give to Peres that he had not given to Rabin?

It would be noble of Peres to inherit the last request of Rabin, to set Jonathan Pollard free. Pollard's fate troubles the conscience of the one who was Prime Minister when Pollard was run, no less than it troubled the conscience of the one who was the Minister of Defense in those days. Clinton will have to decide whether "to do everything possible" for Peres, even absorb some criticism from the defense establishment, to extend forgiveness and forgetfulness to the Jewish prisoner...