Press Release: High Court Orders Government To Explain

October 25, 1995

In response to an appeal filed by Jonathan Pollard's lawyers, Larry Dub, Mordechai Offri amd Gidi Frishtik two days earlier, High Court Justice Zamir has ordered Prime Minister Rabin to file a written account explaining the government's refusal to grant Jonathan Pollard's petition for Israeli citizenship. Additionally, Judge Zamir has ordered Interior Minister Barak to give a written account of his reasons for refusing to use his broad powers of ministerial discretion to grant Jonathan Pollard's petition for citizenship.

The respondents, which include Mr. Rabin, Mr. Peres and Minister Barak have 30 days to file their response. Failure to do so empowers the court to immediately grant Jonathan Pollard's petition. Once a response is received, the appeal will be assigned to a panel of 3 judges for hearing.

A recent poll by the Hebrew news daily "Ma'Ariv" showed 77% of the people of Israel in favour of granting immediate citizenship to Jonathan Pollard.