Jonathan Pollard's Letter To His Attorneys

August 22, 1995 - as filed with the Israeli Supreme Court

Dear Larry & Gidi,

I have repeatedly stressed to all who would listen that Israeli citizenship - alongside my American Citizenship - would confer upon me the protection of the Israeli government and the rights of an Israeli citizen. It would signal Israel's willingness to accept responsibility for me, and would provide Israel with a legal basis for securing my release. Perhaps most important of all, though, it would send a clear message to the American administration that I am not alone anymore.

After ten years of seeking Israeli citizenship through quiet channels and being refused for fear of "harming my chances", I realized that one the few ways left to save myself was to apply for citizenship officially, legally and publicly.

Just before I instructed my wife, Esther, to file for citizenship, I learned that the Government of Israel had been informed by their own appointees of the almost certain likelihood that, in the absence of a strong initiative on their part, I would be condemned by the Parole board to sit in prison for another 15 years before my case would be discussed again. The Government response was apathy and indifference. It was because of this total lack of concern and the Government's continued unwillingness to in any way publicly accept responsibility for my fate, that I realized I would have to seek the recognition and responsibility that has been owed to me - and denied to me - for the last ten years through legal channels.

I was a bona fide Israeli agent whose service was known at the highest levels of the Israeli government. I was arrested as an Israeli agent; I was sentenced as an Israeli agent; I have been severely punished as an Israeli agent; I continue to serve a life sentence as an Israeli agent with no end in sight.

After ten years of serving time in American prisons for my activities on behalf of Israel, I am now calling upon the government to end my "orphan status" by formally recognizing me as an Israeli citizen.


Jonathan Jay Pollard