Maximum Number of M.K.'s Sign in Support of Pollard Citizenship

J4JP Release - August 21, 1995

Paralleling Jonathan Pollard's legal request for Israeli Citizenship, eighty-five members of the Knesset have signed a private member's bill to grant Jonathan Pollard citizenship, which they plan to vote into law early in the Fall.

The bill was initiated by MK Rechavam Ze'evi at a Knesset convention for Jonathan Pollard which was held on July 23, 1995 in Jerusalem. The convention was addressed by MK's representing all of the parties, and by Mrs. Esther Pollard, Jonathan Pollard's wife.

In a letter to Mrs. Pollard, MK Ze'evi heralded the achievement of unparalleled unity that the 85 signatures represents. Out of a total of 120 Members of Knesset, some 40 are ineligible to sign (ministers and deputy ministers do not sign private members' bills). Therefore, the 85 signatures in support of citizenship represents virtual unanimity in support of Pollard's initiative to acquire Israeli citizenship. The overwhelming support this bill represents virtually guarantees its passage in the Fall.

Esther and Jonathan Pollard look to the leadership of the American Jewish Community to follow suit, and to actively demonstrate unity of purpose in calling for Jonathan's immediate release.

(Translated from Hebrew by J4JP)

August 16, 1995

Dear Mrs. Pollard:

We have received the audio recording and transcription of the Knesset Convention for Jonathan Pollard (July 23, 1995). I have it for you in my safekeeping. Please let us know if we should send it to you by mail.

With regard to the private member's bill to grant citizenship to Jonathan Pollard which I introduced, eighty-five members of Knesset have signed it - from across the political spectrum - just about every faction in the house. This is an extraordinary achievement! The private member's bill must wait 45 days (not including the Knesset recess) and only then is it possible for it to be introduced in the Knesset. Which is to say, we still have a couple of months ahead of us until we shall have the right to see this law discussed and ratified in the Knesset.

Regards to Jonathan and blessings of strength and courage to both of you.

With blessings,

M.K. Rechavam Ze'evi