Israel Criticizes U.S. For Opposing Pollard's Release

The Jewish Press - Israeli Bureau - June 23, 1995

JERUSALEM - Justice Minister David Liba'i has criticized the U.S. Pentagon for acting against the efforts to release convicted spy Jonathan Pollard. Likud MK Uzi Landau attacked Foreign Minister Shimon Peres after the T.V. interview last week in which Pollard's father said Peres admitted to him that Israel had betrayed Jonathan.

Liba'i also criticized the U.S. Defense Secretary for interfering in the trial against Pollard's release saying that in Israel, such a move is unacceptable. Liba'i said that in Israel, plea-bargaining is honored, but in the U.S. in Pollard's case, it was not.

Liba'i said Israel does not justify what Pollard had done. But after 10 years in prison, mostly in solitary confinement, Israel does believe that the U.S. should take into account the changes in the world and in the Middle East and the wish of Israelis during a period of very good relations between Jerusalem and Washington to release Jonathan Pollard.