A Sampler From the Forward's First Five Years

The Forward [NY] - May 26, 1995

"The new chairman of the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish organizations, Shoshana Cardin, indicated on her recent visit to Israel that she intends to put her group into the campaign here at home. Certain it would be a shame were the campaign for Pollard's release to be left to Israel. The outstanding issues, after all, are for Americans.

While Pollard was desperately trying to alert Israel to the danger that was looming in Iraq, Secretary Weinberger was helping tilt the Reagan administration's Guld policy toward the Baghdad regime. Though wiser heads were publishing frantic warnings, the defense department even passed intelligence to Iraq, to help Saddam Hussein in his war with Iran. In other words, while Pollard passed some secrets to an American friends, Mr. Weinberger's defense department passed other secrets to an American enemy.

It is an irony that the one stain is in jail for life and the other as free as a bird. History has a way of playing these kinds of tricks."

From "Pollard in Perspective," Editorial - Feb. 15, 1991