Pollard Owes No Thanks to Jewish Leaders

Jeremy Hamilton - The Tribune (Bnai Brith Canada) - September 22, 1994

Web Posted: July 15, 2001

Justice4JP Note:

Jonathan Pollard's "gratitude" was the theme of a press release following the first and only visit ever made by the executive members of the Conference of Presidents of Major Jewish Organizations, to Jonathan Pollard in prison, July 14, 1994. Nothing has changed at all in the 7 years that have elapsed since then to mitigate Hamilton's criticism of the American Jewish leadership which follows below. On the contrary, their recent strong and effective advocacy for a pardon for Marc Rich - a billionaire criminal fugitive from justice - while leaving Pollard to languish only serves to reinforce the points he makes here.

What is Pollard grateful for?

Jeremy Hamilton

  • Is he grateful to American Jewish leaders for nine years of apathy and indifference to his plight? (J4JP 2001 note: Jonathan Pollard is currently in his 16th year of incaceration with no end in sight.)
  • Is he grateful that these "leaders" continue to waffle and equivocate, instead of taking a strong position to demand his immediate release?
  • Is he grateful that they've been so busy all these years looking for evidence of anti-semitism in the Pollard Case that they haven't noticed that he continues to be the most harassed, most abused and most over monitored prisoner in America today?
  • Is he grateful for how they fought for his right to have kosher food?

    They didn't.

  • Is he grateful for how they galvanized the Jewish community in his behalf?

    They didn't.

  • Is he grateful that they've insisted upon equal justice on his behalf and on behalf of the American Jewish Community?

    They didn't.

  • Is he grateful that all these years they've ignored the slander and libel against him, which equally slandered and libeled Israel?
Or did these members of the Conference just use their visit to Jonathan Pollard to pat themselves publicly on the back, and take credit for doing absolutely nothing? Talk is cheap. As long as Pollard is in prison, American Jewish leaders have no reason to congratulate themselves, or to lay claim to his--or anyone else's gratitude. When Jonathan Pollard is free; when he is no longer the scapegoat and whipping boy on behalf of the Jewish community, then we'll all have reason to be grateful.
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