Reverend Pat Robertson Letter On Pollard

September 1, 1992

Shirley Hill, Vice President,
Western Director, Affiliate Relation
The Family Channel
1301 west 22nd Street, Suite 902
Oak Brook, IL 60521

Dear Shirley:

Thank you for your letter of July 21st. Please forgive my late response.

I appreciate the information on the case of Jonathan Pollard. I spoke at a rally in New York on June 21st on his behalf, so I was aware of this situation.

Having studied the facts carefully concerning the case, it is may feeling that Jonathan Pollard is a victim of gross injustice and cruel and unusual punishment. I feel he has more than paid the price for his crime, and that President Bush should commute his sentence to time already served in prison.

May God bless you. We're glad you are part of the team. Keep up the good work. I remain

Pat Robertson
Chairman of the Board
Chief Executive Officer

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