Clinton Says He Would Re-evaluate Pollard Case

The Jewish Press - April 3, 1992

In a taped interview to be broadcast on the Zev Brenner program scheduled for airing this Saturday evening at 11:30 PM on WMCA, Governor Bill Clinton, in discussing the long term prison sentence of Jonathan Pollard said, "If there was an application for some sort of executive consideration, I would carefully consider it and look at it and evaluate his case in light of the severity of his offense and the comparable sentences handed out to other people under similar circumstances."

The entire Clinton interview will be broadcast Saturday night at 11:30 PM on WMCA 570 AM. and on Sunday April.5 at 12 noon nationwide, on the International Channel, Talkline With Zev Brenner.

Clinton was asked, "... How do you view the relationship between Israel and the United States. Clinton replied, "It's at an all time low now because our President and Secretary of State do not value it. They don't respect Israel... I will restore the proper relationship. I can't promise that we'll always agree. But I can promise, we will deal with each other with respect and affection and conviction. And there will never be the kinds of questions we have now about whether America can be counted on when the chips are down to stand by Israel."

Clinton was asked by Zev Brenner, if he felt the settlements were an obstacle to peace. Clinton replied, "...Obviously the settlements present a problem to peace, but so does non-recognition, so does the Arab boycott, so does the Arab buildup of arms, so does the fact that there is no democracy among the Arab states. There are a thousand things I can say about the Arabs that present an obstacle to peace... The United States should not say here is a peace process... The United States' attitude is dead wrong and it undermines the ability of Israel to make peace and undermines the credibility of the United States as an ultimate guarantor of the peace."

Brenner raised a question concerning the settlements and wondered what Governor Clinton's position might be.

Clinton felt whatever the United States had to say to Israel concerning settlements should have been done in private. He felt Israel should be free to make what ever decisions. it chooses to make in the context of peace talks.

The entire program will also be broadcast on short-wave Tuesday April 7 between 4 and 6 PM on 17.525 Megh on the short-wave frequency. Locally it will be broadcast on Manhattan Cable channel 62, Paragon Cable 65, Brooklyn Queens Cable Channel 72, Brooklyn Cablevision Channel 59, Bergen Cablevision on Channel 33, and around the country on the International Channel.