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Jonathan & Esther Pollard

Esther & Jonathan Pollard, shortly after his release

Jonathan Pollard served 30 years of an unprecedented life sentence.


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NEW! Nov. 23: Jonathan Pollard loses his job due to parole conditions: Gil Hoffman - The Jerusalem Post

NEW! Nov. 23: Free? Pollard Under Dusk To Dawn Curfew: Ido Ben Porat - Arutz Sheva

NEW! Nov. 22: Jonathan Pollard Spends First Shabbos on Parole: Avraham Weissman - Hamodia

NEW! Nov. 22: Lawyer: Pollard is 'Not a Free Man': Jewish Insider

NEW! Nov. 22: Let Pollard go: Alec Tabak - New York Daily News

NEW! Nov. 20: Pollard's lawyers say they'll appeal 'unreasonable, unlawful' parole terms: Gil Hoffman - The Jerusalem Post

NEW! Nov. 20: US-Israeli spy Jonathan Pollard freed from prison after 30 years: Times of Israel

NEW! Nov. 11: Reps. Nadler and Engel Send Letter to Attorney General Lynch Urging 'Fair Consideration' for Jonathan Pollard: Yeshiva World News

Aug. 9: 10 injustices Pollard's release will never fix: Irwin Cotler - Times of Israel

Aug. 6: Free At Last? An Exclusive Interview with Pollard's Attorneys: Hamodia [NY] - Special Feature

Aug. 6: Standing at the Edge of Freedom: An exclusive Interview with Rabbi Pesach Lerner: Avraham Weissman - Hamodia [NY]

Aug. 5: Editorial: Was Pollard Used as a Pawn? The Jewish Voice [NY]

Aug. 4: Editorial: The Long Road to Freedom: Hamodia [NY]

July 30: Editorial: Don't Parole Pollard - Free Him! The Jerusalem Post

July 29: PM welcomes news of spy's parole: The Times Of Israel

July 29: Video: Jerusalem Press Conference with Esther Pollard: Arutz7 News

July 28: Statement from Jonathan Pollard's Attorneys



Must-Read Articles

Video: Top US Officials: Free Pollard Now!

Doc: 8 Senior US Officials To Obama: Pollard is in Prison because of a Lie (PDF)

Pollard's release is a matter of justice: Alan Dershowitz & Irwin Cotler - The Jerusalem Post

Comprehensive quick update on the Pollard Case

Editorial: Exposing the charade: The Jerusalem Post

The U.S.'s treason libel against Pollard: Seth Lipsky - Haaretz

Jonathan Pollard Exclusive OpEd: Restoring Israel to greatness: The Jerusalem Post

Editorial: Pollard's appeal: The Jerusalem Post

Magazine Feature: Jonathan Pollard, up close and personal: JPost

Editorial: CIA game changer

Editorial: The buck stops here

Editorial: Pollard's 10,000 days

Other must-reads:

Pollard's Catch-22: Esther Pollard, JPost

Understanding the Pollard Parole Canard: Gil Hoffman - JPost

Images and Videos

Poster: Yes, you can! President Obama, Free Pollard!

Video: Top US Officials: Free Pollard Now!

Poster: Quotes & Images: Top US Officials Call for Pollard's Release (jpeg)

Calls for Pollard's Release

Detailed List of Individuals and Organizations in Support of Pollard's Release

Notable Quotes in Support of Pollard's Release

Current Videos

  • Top US Officials: Free Pollard Now!
  • Should Jonathan Pollard be released?
  • Jonathan Pollard - Enough is Enough!
  • Jonathan Pollard Infomercial

    November 21, 2010:
    25th Anniversary of Incarceration

    Jonathan Pollard in Captivity 25 Years

    Recommended Reading:
    25th Anniversary Review Series

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    About Jonathan Pollard
    On November 19, 2015, Jonathan Pollard was released from prison after serving 30 years of a life sentence for his activities on behalf of Israel.

    The median sentence for the offense Pollard committed - one count of passing classified information to an ally - is 2 to 4 years. Pollard received his life sentence without a trial, as a result of a plea bargain which he honored and the U.S. government violated.

    For more information, see the Pollard Case Information page and Israel Celebrates 60 Years.

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